Yellow Poplar

Cambia offers an affordable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods from endangered rainforests.

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Yellow Poplar (American Tulipwood –Liriodendron tulipifera) is a tall, fast growing, beautiful deciduous tree of eastern forests. Yellow Poplar trees grow taller than any other US hardwood species, and often with a limb free trunk making this versatile wood an excellent choice for a sustainable wood siding product. In fact, Yellow Poplar trees grow taller than any other US hardwood species.

Cambia Thermally Modified™ Ash received a Durability Class of 1 from the Entwicklungs-und Prüflabor Holztechnologie in Dreden, Germany when tested to European Union wood durability standards.

Durability Class 1 Report

Technical Specs of Yellow Poplar

Specific gravity 0.42 (12% M.C.)
Average Weight 449 kg/m3 (12% M.C.)
Average Volumetric Shrinkage 9.8% (Green to 6% M.C.)
Modulus of Elasticity 10,894 MPa
Hardness 2402 N

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties of Cambia Thermally Modified™ Yellow Poplar (tested by the University of Maine according to ASTM D143) Please note these test results are specific to Cambia by NFP’s Thermally Modified™ Yellow Poplar.

Average Modulus of Rupture –Bending Strength (PSI) 11,186
Average Modulus of Elasticity–Wood Stiffness (PSI) 1,777,085
Janka Ball Hardness Test Results- Average (LBS) 507