How can we engage millennials to buy local hardwood?

About the editorial

​Since 1985, Hardwood Publishing has been the leader in providing market reports, featured articles, and price lists to the hardwood industry. In the most recent publication – Vol. 17 Issue 24 – the featured editorial article was written by Scott Seyler, Cambia by NFP VP Export Sales and Jamey French, CEO of Northland Forest Products. The article was titled Log Export Issue Accentuates Need for a Unified Domestic Marketing Strategy. Authors question how to engage millennials in getting on board with buying wood products created from U.S. grown hardwood. Authors state, “Why are these same “enlightened buyers” willing to settle for flimsy artificial wood furniture that they have to screw together at home with Allen wrenches?”

From the article

Authors go on to state, “The same consumers insisting on healthy, sustainably produced food should be persuaded to choose healthy, real wood products for their homes. Beer enthusiasts wanting to buy local should also be made aware that many of the world’s best hardwoods grow right in their own backyard and make the very best furniture. Upstart artisan chocolate and coffee makers tout the origin of their ingredients. Do enough Americans know that our industry can proudly point to the origin and growth rates of our resource? If consumers in the U.S. have boldly embraced healthy and green living, sustainability and quality in so many areas of their lives, why are these issues largely ignored when they shop for interior finishes and furniture for their dwellings?”

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