Jameson French, president and CEO of Northland Forest Products, received the Granite State Award at the 2016 graduation ceremony for the University of New Hampshire. French has long been involved and supportive of conservation and nonprofit organizations according to Jane Difley, the president and forester at the Forest Society.


French has an impressive record of being involved in the forestry industry through various boards and organizations including:

  • The Hardwood Foundation (immediate past president)
  • The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (board member for 17 years)
  • The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (board chairman)
  • Land Trust Alliance (vice chairman)
  • New Hampshire’s chapter of The Nature Conservancy (trustee)
  • Led the campaign to restore the North Church steeple in Market Square.

John Harrigan, a long time journalist and 1998 Pulitzer Prize finalist, also received the award at the ceremony with French. After the ceremony, Harrigan praised French stating, “He’s really been the linchpin of conservation work in New Hampshire.”

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