Wood Description

Ash (White Ash, American White Ash - Fraxinus americana) is one of the largest trees of all of the hardwood species. It can reach heights exceeding 100’ and sprout a leaf canopy that stretches up to 70’ wide. While its strength and hardness have made Ash a choice wood for centuries in bowls, canoe paddles and tool handles, its lively open grains and distinctive cathedral have also made it a stellar interior wood. Combined with the rich brown tones from thermal modification, these traits make Cambia by NFP TM Ash a stunning choice in architectural millwork projects.

Cambia thermally modified Ash received a Durability Class of 1 from the Entwicklungs-und Prüflabor Holztechnologie in Dreden, Germany when tested to European Union wood durability standards.

Durability Class 1 report

Technical Specs of Ash

Specific Gravity

0.60 (12% M.C.)

Average Weight

673 kg/m3 (12% M.C.)

Average Volumetric Shrinkage

10.7% (Green to 6% M.C.)

Modulus of Elasticity

11,977 MPa


5871 N

Mechanical Properties of Cambia Thermally Modified Ash (tested by the University of Maine according to ASTM D143) Please note these test results are specific to Cambia by NFP’s thermally modified Ash.

Average Modulus of Rupture –Bending Strength (PSI)


Average Modulus of Elasticity–Wood Stiffness (PSI)


Janka Ball Hardness Test Results- Average (LBS)